Gail Gewirtz MS, RD

Gail Gewirtz, MS, RD, is from the Greater Chicago Area and has been a Registered Dietitian since 1987; she earned her Master of Science Degree from the University of Florida. Gail is experienced with nutrition support, patient consultation, parenteral and enteral nutrition, medical sales, and marketing, as well as sales training. Gail achieved many dietitian, sales and marketing awards in her medical, sales, and marketing career. In 2008, Gail was approached by the Primary Investigator of nutritionDay Worldwide from the Medical University of Vienna, Dr. Michael Hiesmayr, MD, PhD, and was asked to be the National Project Coordinator for nutritionDay in the U.S. Although this was a huge undertaking, nutritionDay in the U.S. was developed and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2009 to raise the awareness of the high prevalence of healthcare malnutrition in the U.S. hospitals, nursing homes and home healthcare by Gail. To date nutritionDay in the U.S. has collected nutritional care data from medical chart reviews of more than 1500 patients. The fourth annual nutritionDay in the U.S. is November 8, 2012.