Paul McGann MD

Paul McGann is the Co-Director, Partnership for Patients, and Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Campaign Leadership for CMS. In 2002, Dr. McGann joined the full-time staff of CMS, initially in the Quality Improvement Group in the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality (now the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality). In July 2007 he was promoted to Deputy Chief Medical Officer for CMS. He has also contributed to the ongoing re-design of the ESRD Network Program, identification and reduction of health care disparities, and introduction of the principles of geriatric medicine into numerous CMS programs including measure development, survey and certification, coverage, and value-based purchasing. From February to May, 2011, Dr. McGann served as the Acting Chief Medical Officer for CMS, reporting to the CMS Administrator. In August 2011, at the request of the Administrator, Dr. McGann relocated to the CMS Innovation Center to become Co-Director of the Partnership for Patients, together with Dennis Wagner.
Dr. McGann received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s in biology from MIT. He graduated from the McGill Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, and completed both internal medicine and geriatric medicine training in Canada, where he practiced geriatric medicine for 14 years. He is board-certified in both internal medicine and geriatric medicine in both the United States and in Canada. He returned to the US in 1995 to become the founding Clinical Director of the J. Paul Sticht Center on Aging of Wake Forest University in North Carolina. He was named the first AGS-HCFA Health Policy Scholar in 1999. He relocated to Baltimore to join the full-time staff of CMS in 2002.