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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Delivering Change

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• To unite: Have a goal of helping create an environment that celebrates cultural diversity, equity, and inclusiveness by respecting everyone’s difference while recognizing the gifts and talents that this diversity brings to our organization and community.
• To justice: Address health equity by undergoing self-assessment of attitudes, practices, policies, and structures of our organization, delivering on the outcomes committed to as part of FMOLHS DEI council adoption of Catholic Health Charities Confronting Racism by Achieving Health Equity Pledge, 2020. Make recommendations on systems, structures, and processes that support culturally competent care. Provide training and educational opportunities for management, clinical and support staff on diverse social, religious, and family dynamics and forms of health care communication. This component helps our leaders, managers, and team members create an environment of understanding and compassionate caring based on culturally competent services and support to address health disparities and socioeconomic barriers to care.
• To heal: Develop a welcoming environment where the cultural diversity and talents of our team members are celebrated and encouraged through personal and professional development. This component strives to develop a leadership team that reflect the diverse makeup of the community we serve. Advocating change to end health disparities and systemic racism.

Description: A review of literature noted the US Census Bureau is projected to become a majority-minority nation by 2043. By 2060 it is projected that 57% of the US population will consist of racially ethnic minorities. These population changes will result in changes in the workforce. Companies need to support and promote a diverse workplace and leadership structure with a focus on inclusion and equity to be successful in our changing world. Health care arenas as typically composed of diverse individuals. As a faith-based organization that champions our mission in daily activities, we wanted to create a more inclusive and informed culture, to embrace all as children of God. In 2016 the diversity and equity council was reformed and was preceded by the diversity committee commissioned in the early 1990s. 2018 brought a refocused council and inclusion added in true alignment with FMOLHS mission. 2020 brought forth the establishment of the FMOL system DEI council with renewed commitment from executive leaders of our various ministries.

Evaluations and outcomes: Organization wide resources for hearing impaired and ESL tools. Interpreter-on-wheels, language line, clear mask. Dialogue on race series: Beginning 2016, first in the community to host for entire leadership team. Collaborate with nursing in creating a transgender patient policy. Provide team members with financial management skills and resources to break free of predatory lending, The Faith Fund, resulting in over $4 million returned to team in interest and fees avoidance.

Application to practice: OLOL DEI council continues to lead initiatives in line with FMOL DEI direction. Monthly meeting with council members and leaders to discuss various activities. Education series to address issues and difficult topics. Sponsor panel discussion, town hall meetings, real talk series, and book club discussion. Invite guest speakers and subject matter experts on various topics regarding diversity, health care disparities, inclusion, and justice.

Evidence-based references
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Credits: None available.

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