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Let's Connect! Bridging the Patient Connection Gap during Pandemic to Improve Patient Satisfaction (TOP-SCORING POSTER)

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Background: The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted nursing care and patient satisfaction. The strategies used to reduce the spread of the virus unfortunately created a connection gap between patients and the health care team. The use of protective personal equipment and the changes in the organization's visitation policy not only affected nurse-patient interaction but also heightened the patient's sense of isolation. Research has shown that patient’s overall satisfaction is related to perception of quality interaction with caregivers. Nursing as a caring profession thrives in creating meaning connection with patients. To bridge the human connection gap and reduce patient isolation, the unit collaborated with the system delirium committee system quality and patient safety by utilizing the "what matters" concept innovatively to create a quality interaction with patient. What matters is one of four essential elements of the 4M framework, which includes medication, mentation, and mobility. The 4Ms are an evidence-based practice, high-level intervention bundle that address the complex needs of the older patient population. In this initiative, what matters is used to address all patient population in the unit. When "what matters" is applied in the context of caring theory, it enables the health care team to understand what matters to patients and provides patient-centered care by aligning care based on patient's preferences, therefore, creating an environment for a meaningful connection with patients and improving the unit's performance on patient satisfaction.

Purpose: The aim of this initiative is to improve the overall patient satisfaction score during pandemic by implementing what matters most to strengthen patient-centered care and promote nurse-patient connection.

Method: A plan-do-study-act cycle is used for process improvement. Unit nurses were educated about the age-friendly health system, 4M framework, and the what matters most initiative process including measurements. Process was measured by monitoring white board documentation compliance through daily leadership audits using the MyRounding tool. Outcomes are monitored monthly using the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System survey (HCAHPS) scores on overall patient satisfaction. A pre- and post-implementation nursing survey was performed to determine the impact of the initiative on nurses.

Result: The overall patient satisfaction score increased from 78.5% to 96.3%, including the communication with nursing dimension, which increased from 75.1% to 90.4% during the implementation period. The post-implementation nursing survey showed improved nurse communication and nurses satisfaction in their role and improved nursing prioritization of care.

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