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P32 - Clinical Practice What?! Using QR Code Badge Buddies to Improve Access to Important Nursing Info

Introduction: Nursing students are the future of nursing. Faculty are tasked to teach students to think critically and prepare the student for practice. Innovative strategies are used to improve student success in clinical settings. Of high importance is the ability to quickly and easily access facility policies, clinical practice guidelines, and instructional materials. Often students are unable to locate policies and guidelines that directly guide the care provided. Jamu, Lowi- Jones, & Mitchell, 2016, found the use of quick response (QR) codes may be especially beneficial to technologically savvy health care professionals. Morrison, 2018, found QR codes improve the confidence of nurses using high-acuity, low-frequency equipment.
Innovative strategy: QR code “badge buddies” containing codes to access policies, clinical practice guidelines, and instructional materials were given to students along with verbal instructions for their use. Verbal discussion regarding student perception of important materials was the basis for the inclusion of each item.
Findings: Initial anecdotal feedback from piloting this strategy was positive. Faculty have also expressed the helpfulness of the strategy. “This is the coolest thing anyone has done for us.” “It is so cool that you can get to these without having to dig in the computer.” “These are so helpful, thank you!”

Implications for nursing: Future research will explore student perceptions regarding the QR codes and badge buddies. Statistical results will reinforce anecdotal findings.
Nurses must grow and develop technologically savvy strategies to improve speed and accuracy. This strategy allows nurses/nursing students to quickly access the information needed to provide safe, timely, and evidence-based care.


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