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801a - Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Review Course - Day 1_2018

‐ Jul 29, 2019 12:00pm

Credits: None available.

To earn contact hours, CE evaluations must be completed no later than 8 weeks after you attend the course.

Learning Outcome:

After completing this learning activity, the participant will have validated basic foundational knowledge and concepts of medical-surgical nursing and improved preparedness for the CMSRN exam.


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Credits Available

Medical-Surgical Certification Review Course - Day 1

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Michelle Hagar Kostas
2/9/18 4:28 pm

class was great, instructor was awesome. only thing wish book had printing that was BIGGER IN SIZE, VERY HARD TO READ.

Jennifer Hacksunda
2/11/18 7:31 pm

it was helpful but i would of like to go over more test taking strategy and more questions to review and answer

marietta taylor
3/21/18 9:32 pm

i enjoyed the class and felt it was a great refresher course.

Denice Wichman
3/23/18 1:54 pm

great class/very knowledgeable all subjects!!

Gina Grace-Hemersbach
4/10/18 11:38 am

Michelle was very knowledgable but I was very distracted by her numerous "um" "a" during presentation . I counted 34 in a 5 minute period.

joshua davison
4/19/18 11:20 am

I realize there is a lot to talk about, however, I felt like the instructor went on too many tangents and could have stayed on course better.

Emilie Schnitzer
4/22/18 10:49 am

I really enjoyed this class.

Bridget Royal
4/24/18 7:38 pm

Great class. I really enjoyed the refresher and the instructor was not boring.

Erin Hershey
4/30/18 2:16 am

Wonderful session. Enjoyed the didatic style. I took notes, but they style of the presentation warranted I listen, think, and interact with some of the questions.

Amy Baker
5/9/18 5:37 am

Great class however website is a little difficult to navigate.

Roberta Casto
5/12/18 7:13 am

Case and instructor very good, website not so much

Cristina Ortega
5/16/18 12:29 pm

Denise is very knowledgeable in both her current field of practice and in medical-surgical nursing overall. She is very passionate about what she teaches and connects with the audience. I enjoyed taking this course and would do it again!

Janette Bird
8/21/18 8:58 pm

Very informative, instructor is very knowledgeable and kept the day fun.

Gina Glover
8/22/18 6:32 am

Very informative and kept the class interesting.

April Deloney
8/24/18 8:54 pm

Great class! Caroline was very knowledgeable and I appreciated the tips she provided on key strategies for taking the exam.

Angela Andrews
9/9/18 11:11 pm

This was a great course. The speaker was wonderful and used stories/experiences to drive home key points. I really enjoyed the venue as well!

Tylor Cilione
9/10/18 12:25 pm

Sally was SPECTACULAR - Very knowledgeable. Grateful to have her speak at Sky Lakes.

Michelle Keefer
9/14/18 2:24 pm

This class was very informative and interactive. I truly enjoyed Sally Russell's presentation. The only thing I would change is to have more sample questions so classmates and I could practice answering what we have just reviewed to answer questions correctly. It always helps me cement that information better. I would still recommend this course to my fellow Medical-Surgical RN's at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend Oregon.

Teri Selogy
10/4/18 4:14 pm

Definitely worth the cost and time! I found it very encouraging and informative. Thanks

Natalie Hawk
10/5/18 7:08 am

Caroline Ashman was fantastic. Love her sense of humor and she present in such a way that you really want to continue listening!

Mohammed Saleh
10/5/18 8:36 pm

very informative, speaker very knowledgeable, a good refreshment to things lost with time, hope it helps with the exam.

Adrienne Vasquez
10/7/18 7:15 pm

I do feel the course helped to narrow down importance areas to study and reenforced test taking techniques--that I THOUGHT I was confident in. I did get tripped up on some of the practice questions, so better to have done that now and know kind of what to expect on the test to comes, instead of make those mistakes during the ready test. Very much appreciated the refreshments and frequent breaks.

Brook Tapia
10/8/18 4:39 pm

Very informative class, nice relaxed setting.

Patricia Heath
10/11/18 10:59 pm

Excellent instructor and very knowledge on every subject. Thank you for the food/refreshments in the morning and afternoon. My only suggestion would be to have more frequent mini breaks (5 minutes to stand up and stretch).

cheryl chapman
11/6/18 8:20 pm

instructor was very knowledgeable about topics and able to present them in a fun and attention keeping way. loved her accent as well.

Joyce Jamilla Que
11/9/18 4:28 am

I've learned a lot from this review!Im super ready to take the exam!