Nursing Research: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Nursing Research: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Identification: MSNN1202
Credits (Post Test and/or Evaluation Required)
Available until 04/30/2014
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Like many nurses, I have avoided participating in nursing research. While Tingen, Burnett, Murchison, and Zhu (2009) emphasized the importance of nursing research, research has always seemed like too big of a time and energy commitment for me to get involved. My concern regarding the knowledge level needed to conduct research and to make a significant contribution to the science of nursing was a misperception. One tends to believe only those with a doctoral degree/education can participate and make significant contributions in research. Surprisingly, participating in research was much easier than I thought. Not only was it easier than anticipated, but the experience also provided unexpected benefits for all involved, from the primary researcher and nurse educator to the nursing students.


Credits Available

Expired On: Apr 30, 2014

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