Megan Wells MFA

Megan Wells is a story and theater artist.  She creates the warm intimacy of storytelling and vividly brings historical personalities to life.  Megan infuses characters with living souls and delivers the experience with delicious theatrical timing!  An award-winning performer, Megan appears in museums and symphonies, enhances education for thousands of children, entertains families at festivals and libraries, and helps executives, actors, and storytellers craft powerful stories to effect change. With over forty years’ experience, Megan has a vast repertoire. She tells traditional tales, multi-cultural myths, enacts historical events, and tells personal and true stories. Megan began her career as an actress and director in Chicago.  She also works as a communication consultant to Fortune 500 companies.  A lover of words, Megan coaches stories and presentations with great care for the structure, rhetoric, and dynamic of words carried from mouth to ear.