Luke Emerson BSN, RN, CCCTM

Luke Emerson obtained his certification as a nursing assistant when he was 16 years old! He worked in a variety of healthcare settings as a CNA until he completed the LPN program. As an LPN, he worked in a Progressive Care Unit and in medical rehab while going through the RN program. Shortly after graduating from the RN program, Luke was hired by Kootenai Health as the Care Manager for the Emergency Department, which turned into the Emergency Department Clinical Navigator role. Luke went on to receive his BSN degree and then transferred to Kootenai Health’s Trauma Services Department to develop the Trauma Clinical Navigator role, where he works today.

He currently serves as the chair for the Professional Nursing Council at Kootenai Health and he’s a member of the research council, trauma committee, and magnet team. Luke is one of the first Certified Care Coordinator and Transition Management nurses and the only one in the state of Idaho. Luke is also a CNA instructor at the NIC Workforce Training Center, and lastly, serves in the US Army Reserves as a 1st Lieutenant in the form of an Emergency Services Nurse.