James Twaddell

Senior Policy Advisor, Venable, LLP

James Twaddell is a senior policy advisor at Venable, LLP, in Washington, DC. He has extensive experience in and knowledge of the federal public policymaking and legislative and regulatory processes, strategic planning initiatives, and advocacy campaigns. An experienced lobbyist at the federal level and a former senior staffer in the United States Senate, Jim is a skilled navigator of legislative issues related to health care policy, federal appropriations funding, grassroots initiatives, and advocacy training. In the health care space, Jim represents the government relations interests of hospitals and health systems, nonprofit voluntary health organizations, physicians and allied health professional societies. He has provided strategic counsel on legislative, regulatory policy, political and advocacy issues. He directly engages members of Congress and their staffs to advance authorization legislation, secure increased federal appropriations funding, and work with federal agencies on regulatory policies. He earned his bachelor's degree in public administration from George Mason University and his master's degree in government from The Johns Hopkins University. Jim started his career as the deputy director of communications and as a legislative aide for US Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA). Previously, he worked as the associate director of government affairs at the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.