Tiffani Chidume DNP, RN, CCRN-K, CHSE

Assistant Clinical Professor, Auburn University

Dr. Tiffani Chidume is an assistant clinical professor at Auburn University as well as the simulation center coordinator. She has worked in healthcare simulation for seven years and holds certifications as a critical care registered nurse (CCRN-K) and as a certified healthcare simulation educator (CHSE). Her expertise is in coordinating and designing simulations to meet learner needs. Regarding the subject matter of the end of life and hospice, she has both professional and personal experiences in those areas. Additionally, she serves as the editor-in-chief of nurse critical care and rhythms for StatPearls, an online learning management systems and publisher of healthcare-related peer-reviewed e-books. Her research interests include simulation methodology, telehealth, fall prevention and awareness in the older adult, access to healthcare, interprofessional collaboration and education, emergency, and critical care nursing. In January 2021, Tiffani earned the Best Research Award in Nursing and Health Professions from the International Research Awards on New Science Inventions (NESIN 2020 Awards).