Carlo Piraino DNP, RN, CMSRN, NE-BC, FACHE

Chief Nursing Officer, Taiba Hospital

Dr. Carlo Piraino is the chief nursing officer of Taiba Hospital in Sabah al Salem, Kuwait. He has been a practicing RN for 31 years. His doctorate focused on the patient experience of trauma and its life-long impact. Dr. Piraino's clinical experience includes 25 years of federal service with the United States Navy, United States Marines, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. His military combat experience and seeing firsthand how trauma can impact people has led him to assist peers with trauma-related recovery. He has presented on a variety of topics in this field from PTSD and TBI-related outcomes that may cause sustained psychological stress in the combat veteran. Secondary violence presents in a similar fashion and the long-lasting outcomes can be similar. Dr. Piraino has presented internationally to a broad range of audiences from clinical professionals to pastors on how to recognize the returning veteran with PTSD. In addition to lecturing, Dr. Piraino has worked as adjunct faculty for several universities teaching online nursing courses.