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Certification Review Course - On the Road - 2019

801a - Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Review Course - Day 1

Credits: None available.


To earn contact hours, CE evaluations must be completed no later than 8 weeks after you attend the course.

Learning Outcome:

After completing this learning activity, the participant will have validated basic foundational knowledge and concepts of medical-surgical nursing and improved preparedness for the CMSRN exam.

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Credits Available

Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Review Course - Day 1

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Lori Souba
3/29/19 7:24 pm

Wow, Sally Russell is a fantastic presenter, speaker and teacher. This was a great review.

Jennifer Aschemeier
4/2/19 3:30 pm

Thank You!

Christine Morey
4/2/19 3:55 pm

Thank you so much for being a presenter. I enjoyed the review and it inspired me to dig deeper !

Alvin Tormes
4/5/19 6:49 am

Thank you

Kurniawati Phung
4/8/19 5:29 pm

Great Review! Every time I took the refresh course, I learnt something new.

Nancy Agbeko-Tordzro
4/12/19 9:37 pm

Caroline Ashman is a great instructor. I really enjoyed her review session

Stacy Streicher
4/17/19 3:47 pm

This was a great course, I never found myself bored. Sally Russell was great.

Dominique Lima
6/4/19 1:44 pm

Super helpful!

Augustine Christopher
6/6/19 9:33 pm

Thank you Sally for doing such a great job

Virzen Villora
6/22/19 1:47 am

It was a very interesting refresher course.

theresa happ
9/3/19 3:03 am

Nice basic review course. Originally thought it was a review class for ICU Med/surg. Still enjoyed the class

Jessica Spiedel
9/3/19 4:29 pm

Thank you

Denise Jennings
9/3/19 11:45 pm

Thanks for taking the time to help guide use through this review.

Jennifer Kameshima
9/8/19 11:39 am

Sally Russell was a great presenter.

Edna Buru
9/10/19 2:28 am

Sally Russell was a great presenter. I really enjoyed the review session.

Daiva Vaitkute-Duarte
9/17/19 12:14 am

Thank you, Leisa A. Kelly! It was a great refresher and a perfect stimulus to dwell deeper.

Charel Stephanie Aquino
9/24/19 1:41 pm

Denise Verosky, thank you so much. I have learned a lot.

Michael Zapata
10/10/19 2:28 pm

Excellent instructor.

Cathryn Seirer
10/22/19 7:10 pm

Was a great class! Will be very helpful as I prepare to take the certification exam!

Ginny Winchell
10/31/19 7:20 am

Caroline Ashman has an easy conversational style and links knowledge to practice to keep it relevant

Mark Baes
11/8/19 2:44 am

Thank you so much for providing this course!!

Ruth Matthias
11/14/19 9:05 pm


Lisa Bellflower
11/20/19 10:44 am

Very engaging and informative.

Patricia Durham
12/17/19 9:04 am

I enjoyed the class. Brought info that was important up front

Panagiota Soteropoulos
2/6/20 8:56 pm

Caroline Ashman was an excellent presenter of the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Review Course on February 5th-6th 2020. She is extremely knowledgeable, she made the subject interesting with her personal stories, and kept us engaged with her interactive teaching method. Thank you Caroline!

Marie Marcial
2/10/20 4:31 pm

Thank you!

Edelson Gasmin
9/2/20 2:46 pm

Sally was a great instructor!

Cory Christian
9/20/20 1:32 pm

The material was presented in an interesting manner and the schedule was on time.

Lucinda Wallace
9/21/20 7:49 am

Thank you so much Sally. It was such a great refresher and I learned a lot of new stuff too!

Autumn Haag
10/16/20 3:44 am

Thank you so much for your time, super interesting.

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